Enrolling New Students
We welcome you to Gowanda Central School District!

The following information should help make the enrollment process efficient.

  • Students entering Gowanda Central School District must withdraw from their previous school before enrolling.
  • A natural or custodial parent must accompany the student.
  • The student must be living with and registered by a natural parent or legal guardian that lives in the Gowanda Central School District.
  • The Superintendent of Gowanda Central Schools, prior to enrollment, must approve custody/guardianship papers if applicable.

Please call to schedule an appointment to enroll.

Gowanda Central School District, in partnership with the Chautauqua Opportunities Inc., also provides a Universal Pre-K program for district 4 year olds. Applications can be obtained by visiting or calling the elementary school office.

Elementary School (532-3328 Ext. 4005)
During the school year: 8:00 am – 4:15 pm
During the summer: 8:00 am – 3:00 pm

Middle School (532-3325 Ext. 5006)
High School (532-3325 Ext. 6014)
During the school year: 7:00 am – 3:00 pm
During the summer: 8:00 am – 2:00 pm

Please provide the following required documents:

  • Up-to-date Immunization Record
  • Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Residency (drivers license, deed, lease, landlord’s affidavit or tax bill)
  • Photo Identification
  • Proof of custody/guardianship
  • Withdrawal form from previous school
  • Report card from previous school
  • Transcript
  • Name, address & phone number of previous school
  • IEP/504 plan if applicable
  • Foster family documentation (DSS-2999) if applicable

Parents/Guardians, please be prepared to complete a registration packet which will consist of:

  • Student Registration Form
  • Federal Student Racial & Ethnic ID Form
  • Records Release Request (which we will fax to previous-attended school)
  • Student Health Information Form
  • Dental Health Certificate for your dentist to complete
  • HIPPA Form (authorizing release of health information to departments, teachers, bus drivers, etc.)
  • within our school
  • Blank Physical Form for your physician, if needed
  • Title VII Student Eligibility Certification for Native American students
  • Home Language Questionnaire
  • Family Application for Free/Reduced-Priced School Meals, if needed
  • Student Residency Form
  • Custodial Affidavit, if needed
  • Parent Permission Form (Internet access, etc.)

Immunization Requirement for Students Entering Kindergarten

New York State Law Section 2164 requires certain immunizations (shots) to enter kindergarten and attend school. Please check with your health care provider as soon as possible to make sure that your child has all the needed immunizations. They are listed below.

Immunization Number of Doses
Polio 3-5
Hepatitis B 3
Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis 4-5
Measles/Mumps/Rubella 1
Varicella (Chickenpox) 2

Please send proof of immunization to the Elementary School Nurse, Rhonda Thropp RN (532-3325 x4003, msthropp@gcslearn.org)

Proof of immunization must be any 1 of the 3 items listed below:

  • An immunization certificate signed by your health care provider
  • Immunization Registry report (NYSIIS or CIR from NYC) from your health care provider or your county health department
  • A blood test (titer) lab report that proves your child is immune to the diseases
  • For varicella (chickenpox), a note from your health care provider (MD, NP, PA) which says your child had the disease is also acceptable.

If you have questions or concerns about immunizations, please contact the school health staff.

The packet is available at:

  • Elementary School Main Office (Grades K – 4)
  • Middle School Guidance Office (Grades 5 – 8)
  • High School Guidance Office (Grades 9 – 12)

Below are the forms in the packet which you may print out, fill in and bring with you.

Parents who wish to request homework due to student illness after multiple days of absences are to contact us and make arrangements to pick up that work from the office prior to 3:00 pm.

  • Elementary School – Please contact the child’s teacher.
  • Middle School – For a minimum of 2 full days of absence contact the MS Main Office (x5003) no later than 10:00am.
  • High School- For a minimum of 3 full days of absence contact the HS Counseling Office (x6014) no later than 8:30am.

ESchool Data is used to house student data such as schedules, progress reports, report cards, transcripts, attendance, and discipline. (Day-to-day assignment and grade information for grades 5-12 can be accessed in Schoology.)

Parent Portal– To create a parent account:

  • Visit https://parentportal.wnyric.org
  • You will need one of your child’s 9 digit I.D. #.Once your account is approved you will automatically gain access to all of your children.
  • To ensure that you will receive emails from the portal, please add noreply@eschooldata.com to your address book. Once your account is approved you will receive an email notifying you of your approval.
  • Parent Portal is reviewed daily for request for new accounts. If you do not receive an email within a few days of applying, please contact Carol Denny at 532-3325 Ext. 6018 or email msdenny@gcslearn.org.

Student Portal – Students have accounts. Usernames are graduation year + first name + last initial with the student’s common password.

Grades 5-12 currently use Schoology as their learning management system. Here students and parents can access such things as daily learning targets, lesson resources, class information, daily grades, averages, and communications.

Parent Accounts To create and account visit https://www.schoology.com/

  • Click on “sign up” and “parent”.
  • You will need your child’s 12 digit access code from the school.
  • Please contact Candace Phillips at x5116 or email her at msphillips@gcslearn.org for access codes or any other help. This video walk through will be of some assistance. (video)

Student Accounts – Students have accounts. Usernames are graduation year + first name + last initial with the student’s common password.

Toll Free telephone number for the Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-342-3270
Website for the NYS Office of Children and Family Services: http://ocfs.ny.gov/main/cps

Número telefónico gratuito del Child Abuse Hotline (La Línea Nacional Contra el Abuso de los Niños): 1-800-342-3270
El sitio web de la oficina de servicios infantiles y familiars del Estado de Nueva York: http://ocfs.ny.gov/main/cps/default_spanish.asp


High School Course Offerings

Gowanda High School strives to support students in college and career readiness by offering a firm academic foundation upon which to build further pursuits. We offer multiple programs and electives to appeal to student interest and aptitude.

High School 101

Fredonia 3:1:3 Program

[Information Coming Soon]

Testing Information and Review

Please refer to our HS Counseling Calendar for test dates and locations. The Gowanda High School Code for the SAT/ACT is 332150.

College Visits

If students plan to visit a college, they must get a permission slip from the Guidance Office, obtain a parent signature and then receive approval from the HS Principal, prior to their attending the college visit. A college official must fax the form back to the main office or it will not be counted as an excused absence.

“Visiting” Colleges and Universities When You Just Can’t Get There: Although actually walking around a campus is the best way to experience what life is like in each campus environment, it is not always possible. To help students who cannot travel to the campus, many colleges and universities offer “virtual tours”. From links on the colleges’ Websites, or from sites like www.ecampustours.com, students can virtually see and “tour” the campus.

Scholarships and Financial Aid


ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery): Although this test is only required for those seeking to enter a branch of the military, it is a test that most Juniors in the past have elected to take. The vocational information it provides makes it extremely useful as a career search tool. Please note: although this test is used by military recruiters to appropriately place enlistees in various programs, it is administered and scored by our Guidance Counselors. Score reports are sent directly to the test taker and the guidance office. Students can sign up in the High School Guidance Office during the weeks prior to the test. There is no fee for this test. Further information can be found at www.asvabprogram.com.

Transcript Request

To request a High School Transcript please email or fax the following information to Department Keyboard Specialist, Mrs. Janene Draegert;

  1. First, Middle & Last Name (maiden name if applicable)
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Year of Graduation or the date left GHS
  4. Your Phone Number
  5. Address where the transcript or being mailed or faxed
High School

Benedetta Gerardi

Department Leader, HS Counselor
(716) 532-3325 ext. 6013

Jennifer Mattimore

HS Counselor
(716) 532-3325 ext. 6017

Roger Shannon

HS Counselor
(716) 532-3325 ext. 6016

Janene Draegert

Department Keyboard Specialist
(716) 532-3325 ext. 6014

Melissa Davis

HS/MS Psychologist
(716) 532-3325 ext. 5007

Robyn Stanley

HS/MS Social Worker
(716) 532-3325 ext. 6012

Middle School

Patricia Krajewski

MS Counselor
(716) 532-3325 ext. 5008

Karen O’Neil

MS Counselor
(716) 532-3325 ext. 5005

Elementary School

Terry Reeves

ES School Psychologist
(716) 532-3325 ext. 4122

Carmen Muscarella

ES Social Worker
(716) 532-3325 ext. 4165