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Rebekah Moraites

(716) 532-3325 ext. 6002
(716) 995-2108

David Smith

Assistant Principal Grades 7-12
(716) 532-3325 ext. 6003
(716) 995-2108

Cindy Kerker

Keyboard Specialist II & Central Treasurer
(716) 532-3325 ext. 6002
(716) 995-2108

Mandy Pickering

Keyboard Specialist I
(716) 532-3325 ext. 6004
(716) 995-2108

Robbie Riehle

School Monitor & Substitute Call-In
(716) 532-3325 ext. 6005
(716) 995-2108

For students to participate in any extracurricular activities, a parent/guardian must attend a mandatory forum about drugs and alcohol. For an appointment and if there are questions, please contact the high school (x6002) or middle school (x5002) main office.

Regular attendance is crucial to a student’s academic success. Missed class time is difficult to replace in high school as the content is challenging and requires a teacher. Please submit an excuse when a student is absent from the high school main office. Automated attendance calls go out to absent students’ families.

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