Gowanda High School strives to support students in college and career readiness by offering a firm academic foundation upon which to build further pursuits. We offer multiple programs and electives to appeal to student interest and aptitude.

2021 Gowanda High School Program Guide


Student Visits:

If students plan to visit a college, they must get a permission slip from the Guidance Office, obtain a parent signature and then receive approval from the HS Principal, prior to their attending the college visit. A college official must fax the form back to the main office or it will not be counted as an excused absence.

“Visiting” Colleges and Universities When You Just Can’t Get There: Although actually walking around a campus is the best way to experience what life is like in each campus environment, it is not always possible. To help students who cannot travel to the campus, many colleges and universities offer “virtual tours”. From links on the colleges’ Websites, or from sites like www.ecampustours.com, students can virtually see and “tour” the campus.

GCS Hosted Visits:

Through out the year GHS hosts many college admissions visitors. We also organize field trips to local colleges and universities. Please check our Counseling Center Calendar for dates and times.

ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery): Although this test is only required for those seeking to enter a branch of the military, it is a test that most Juniors in the past have elected to take. The vocational information it provides makes it extremely useful as a career search tool. Please note: although this test is used by military recruiters to appropriately place enlistees in various programs, it is administered and scored by our Guidance Counselors. Score reports are sent directly to the test taker and the guidance office. Students can sign up in the High School Guidance Office during the weeks prior to the test. There is no fee for this test. Further information can be found at www.asvabprogram.com.

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