District Phone Number: (716) 532-3325

Name Title Email Phone
Ms Ackley Teacher msackley@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5203
Dr Anderson Principal dranderson@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6001
MrE Anderson Custodian mreanderson@gcslearn.org
Mr Andolsek Head Mechanic mrandolsek@gcslearn.org
Mr Arbeiter Sub Custodian mrarbeiter@gcslearn.org
Mr Armes Sub Custodian mrarmes@gcslearn.org
Ms Arrington Teacher msarrington@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4145
Ms Austin Teacher msaustin@gcslearn.org
Ms Baker Teaching Assistant msbaker@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325
Mr Barto Teacher mrbarto@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5118
Ms Bauer Teacher msbauer@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6114
Mr Bentzoni Head Custodian mrbentzoni@gcslearn.org
Mr Bett Teacher mrbett@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6129
Ms Biehler Teacher msbiehler@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4177
Mr Blidy Bus Driver mrblidy@gcslearn.org
Ms Bobseine Teaching Assistant msbobseine@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325
Mr Bohn Teacher mrbohn@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6232
Ms Bolen Teacher msbolen@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4147
Mr Bolen Teacher mrbolen@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4190
Ms Bonenberger Principal msbonenberger@gcslearn.org
Ms Bridges Bus Driver msbridges@gcslearn.org
Ms Browning Teacher msbrowning@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5223
Mr Bruening Teacher mrbruening@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6108
Ms Buckland Cleaner msbuckland@gcslearn.org
Mr Bugenhagen Teacher mrbugenhagen@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6124
Ms Bugenhagen Teacher msbugenhagen@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6131
Ms Bull Teacher msbull@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4132
Mr Burnam Native StudiesTeacher mrburnam@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5219
Ms Burr Food Service Helper msburr@gcslearn.org
Ms Bursee Teacher msbursee@gcslearn.org
Ms Bylbie Teacher msbylbie@gcslearn.org
Ms Cammizzi Therapist Summer School mscammizzi@gcslearn.org
Ms Campbell Teaching Assistant mscampbell@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4160
MsE Campbell Food Service Helper msecampbell@gcslearn.org
Ms Carozzi Cook Manager mscarozzi@gcslearn.org
Ms Case SNI School Counselor mscase@gcslearn.org
Ms Cassidy Teacher mscassidy@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6137
Ms Chase Teaching Assistant mschase@gcslearn.org
Ms Chimino Cleaner mschimino@gcslearn.org
Ms Chmielewski School Lunch Monitor mschmielewski@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5131
Mr Chupa Mechanic mrchupa@gcslearn.org
Ms Cole Administrative Secretary mscole@gcslearn.org
Ms Cramer Teacher mscramer@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5226
Ms Cudney Teacher mscudney@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4149
Ms Czarnota Monitor msczarnota@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5110
Ms Dalimonte Tutor msdalimonte@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5128
Ms Davis School Psychologist msdavis@gcslearn.org
Mr Decker Bus Driver mrdecker@gcslearn.org
Ms Della Vella Teacher msdellavella@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4102
MrJ Dempsey Teacher mrjdempsey@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5215
Ms Dempsey Teacher msdempsey@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6240
MrW Dempsey Teacher mrwdempsey@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5119
Mr Denea Teacher mrdenea@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6136
Ms Denny Attendance Clerk msdenny@gcslearn.org
Ms Dicembre Teaching Assistant msdicembre@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5202
Ms Dickinson Cook Manager msdickinson@gcslearn.org
MsN Dispenza Teacher msndispenza@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6118
MsJ Dispenza Teaching Assistant msjdispenza@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4161
Ms Dolce Teacher msdolce@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4128
Ms Draegert Senior Typist msdraegert@gcslearn.org
Ms Driscoll Teaching Assistant msjdriscoll@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4101
Ms Dzierba Principal msdzierba@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4001
Ms Eastland Food Service Helper mseastland@gcslearn.org
Ms Ebersole Teacher msebersole@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5106
Mr Ebert Custodian mrebert@gcslearn.org
Mr Ebling Teacher mrebling@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5136
Mr Eddy Bus Driver mreddy@gcslearn.org
Ms Elliott Teacher mselliott@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5200
Ms Enders Teacher msenders@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5208
Mr Enser Bus Driver mrenser@gcslearn.org
Ms Estrada Teacher msestrada@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6219
Ms Fantaske Teacher msfantaske@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6235
Ms Farley Monitor msfarley@gcslearn.org
Ms Ferneza Administrative Secretary msferneza@gcslearn.org
Ms Fish Teacher msfish@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4130
Ms Foit Teaching Assistant msfoit@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6121
Ms Fort Keyboard Specialist msfort@gcslearn.org
Ms Fox Teacher msfox@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5130
Mr Fuller Teacher – LT Sub mrfuller@gcslearn.org
Ms Fullone Teacher msfullone@gcslearn.org
Mr Gabel Personal Aide mrgabel@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325
Ms Gates Teacher msgates@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4168
Ms Geist Teacher msgeist@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6210
Ms Gellerson Teacher msgellerson@gcslearn.org
Ms Gerardi Director of Guidance msgerardi@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6013
MsJ Gernatt BOE Member msjgernatt@gcslearn.org
MsS Gernatt Teacher mssgernatt@gcslearn.org
MsA Gernatt Account Clerk Typist msagernatt@gcslearn.org
Ms Giancola Teacher msgiancola@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6237
Mr Gibbs Bus Driver mrgibbs@gcslearn.org
Ms Gleason Teacher msgleason@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5222
Ms Golden Director of Tttle VII msgolden@gcslearn.org
Ms Gollus OT/PT msgollus@gcslearn.org
Ms Gominiak Teacher msgominiak@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4157
Mr Goodemote Head Custodian mrgoodemote@gcslearn.org
Ms Goodemote Senior Typist msgoodemote@gcslearn.org
Ms Goodwin Cleaner msgoodwin@gcslearn.org
Ms Greco Teacher msgreco@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5217
Ms Guadagno Bus Driver msguadagno@gcslearn.org
Ms Guzzetta BOE Member msguzzetta@gcslearn.org
Mr Haase Personal Computer Specialist mrhaase@gcslearn.org
Ms Hageman Tutor mshageman@gcslearn.org
Mr Hahl Teacher mrhahl@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6114
Ms Haim Teacher mshaim@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6112
Ms Hanes Counselor mshanes@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4151
Mr Hatfield Teacher mrhatfield@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6211
Ms Hedges Bus Driver mshedges@gcslearn.org
Ms Herc Teacher msherc@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5107
Ms Herman Monitor msherman@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6125
Ms Hobbs Teacher mshobbs@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4104
Ms Hoffman Senior Typist mshoffman@gcslearn.org
Ms Hojnacki Keyboard Specialist mshojnacki@gcslearn.org
Ms Hostetter Food Service Helper mshostetter@gcslearn.org
Mr Hotnich Head Custodian mrhotnich@gcslearn.org
Mr Insera Behavioral Specialist mrinsera@gcslearn.org
Ms Ivett Information Technology Specialist msivett@gcslearn.org
Mr Izard Teacher mrizard@gcslearn.org
MsE Jackson Family Support Worker msejackson@gcslearn.org
MsT Jackson Home School Coordinator mstjackson@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x55013
Ms Jalal Director of Special Education msjalal@gcslearn.org
Ms Janiga Teacher msjaniga@gcslearn.org
Mr Jarzynski Teacher mrjarzynski@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6201
MsJ Johnson Teacher msjjohnson@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4104
MsK Johnson mskjohnson@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325
Ms Jones Food Service Helper msjones@gcslearn.org
Ms Joslin Cleaner msjoslin@gcslearn.org
Ms Joslyn Teacher msjoslyn@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4134
Ms Kaderli Teacher mskaderli@gcslearn.org
Ms Kehr Monitor mskehr@gcslearn.org
Ms Kelly Teaching Assistant mskelly@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325
Ms Kerker Keyboard Specialist mskerker@gcslearn.org
Ms Kewley Monitor mskewley@gcslearn.org
Ms King Teacher msking@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6120
Ms Kinney Teacher mskinney@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5137
Mr Klubek District Superintendent mrklubek@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6301
Mr Knab Monitor mrknab@gcslearn.org
Ms Konwiczka Teaching Assistant mskonwiczka@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4141
Ms Kota Keyboard Specialist mskota@gcslearn.org
Ms Krajewski Counselor mskrajewski@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5008
Ms Krawczyk OT/PT mskrawczyk@gcslearn.org
Mr Kusiowski Bus Driver mrkusiowski@gcslearn.org
Ms Kysor Adult Education Coordinator mskysor@gcslearn.org
Ms Landon Food Service Helper mslandon@gcslearn.org
Ms Lauer Food Service Helper mslauer@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325-5131
Ms League Teacher msleague@gcslearn.org
Ms Leatherbarrow Monitor msleatherbarrow@gcslearn.org
Ms Lennertz Teacher mslennertz@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4175
Mr Leous Teacher mrleous@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6110
Ms Lineberger Lunch Program Manager mslineberger@gcslearn.org
Mr Lipinski Teacher mrlipinski@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4144
Ms lobianco Teacher mslobianco@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6243
Mr Logan Teaching Assistant mrlogan@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5301
Ms Lulas Teaching Assistant mslulas@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325
Ms Lyford Teacher mslyford@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5224
MsS Lyndsley Cleaner msslyndsley@gcslearn.org
MsL Lyndsley Food Service Helper msllyndsley@gcslearn.org
MrJ Lyndsley Bus Driver mrjlyndsley@gcslearn.org
Ms Madigan Data Control Clerk msmadigan@gcslearn.org
Mr Maginnis Teacher mrmaginnis@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5109
Ms Markham Account Clerk Typist msmarkham@gcslearn.org
Ms Marrocco Tutor msmarrocco@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6202
Ms Martel Teacher msmartel@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4102
Ms Mattimore Counselor msmattimore@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6017
Ms McMullen Monitor msmcmullen@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5113
Ms Mead Teacher msmead@gcslearn.org
Ms Mentley Teaching Assistant msmentley@gcslearn.org
Mr Miklas Principal mrmiklas@gcslearn.org
Ms Miller Teacher msmiller@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4176
Ms Mohawk Teacher msmohawk@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4167
Ms Mohawk-Jensen Home School Coordinator msmohawk-jensen@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6221
Ms Mohr Teacher msmohr@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6149
Ms Muscarella-Sebzda Social Worker msmuscarella-sebzda@gcslearn.org
Ms Musielak Teacher msmusielak@gcslearn.org
Ms Myzel Teaching Assistant msmyzel@gcslearn.org
Ms Naetzker Tutor msnaetzker@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6202
Ms Nagle Teacher msnagle@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5202
Ms Nellist Teacher msnellist@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5216
Ms Nelson Transportation Supervisor msnelson@gcslearn.org
MrM Nephew BOE Member mrmnephew@gcslearn.org
Ms Nephew Teacher msnephew@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4125
Ms Newman Teacher msnewman@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5209
Mr Nixon Custodian mrnixon@gcslearn.org
Ms Nordquist Bus Driver msnordquist@gcslearn.org
Ms North Bus Driver msnorth@gcslearn.org
Mr Nunweiler Custodian mrnunweiler@gcslearn.org
Ms O’Connor Teacher msoconnor@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4162
MsM O’Connor Teacher msmoconnor@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4166
Mr O’Donnell Teacher mrodonnell@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5125
Ms O’Neill Counselor mso’neill@gcslearn.org
Ms Oger TA,Monitor,Teacher Sub msoger@gcslearn.org
Ms Ondus Teacher msondus@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6126
Ms Park Teacher mspark@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4135
Mr Parker Bus Driver mrparker@gcslearn.org
Ms Parsell Teaching Assistant msparsell@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325
Mr Partridge Teacher mrpartridge@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6122
Ms Pawlak Nurse mspawlak@gcslearn.org
Ms Perry Teacher msperry@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5123
Ms Phillips Technology Integration Specialist msphillips@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5116
MsM Phillips Food Service Helper msmphillips@gcslearn.org
Ms Pickering Keyboard Specialist mspickering@gcslearn.org
Mr Pine Technology Coordinator mrpine@gcslearn.org
Ms Piscitelli Teacher mspiscitelli@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6118
Ms Poland Nurse mspoland@gcslearn.org
MrS Pound Maintenance Mechanic mrspound@gcslearn.org
Mr Pratt Bus Driver mrpratt@gcslearn.org
Ms Propp Teacher mspropp@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6234
Ms Puntillo Teacher mspuntillo@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4160
Mr Puntillo Teacher mrpuntillo@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6015
Mr Purdy Bus Driver mrpurdy@gcslearn.org
Ms Quinn Teacher msquinn@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4152
Ms Rak Cleaner msrak@gcslearn.org
Mr Ratel Teacher mrratel@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6239
Ms Rebmann Payroll Benefits Clerk msrebmann@gcslearn.org
Mr Reeves Teacher mrreeves@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6238
MsJ Reeves Treasurer msjreeves@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6311
MsT Reeves School Psychologist mstreeves@gcslearn.org
Ms Relosky Teacher msrelosky@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6218
Ms Riehle Monitor msriehle@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6121
Mr Ries Bus Driver mrries@gcslearn.org
Ms Robbins Teacher msrobbins@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4163
Ms Roblee Teacher msroblee@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5120
Ms Rosier Teacher msrosier@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4126
Mr Ruzycki Teacher mrruzycki@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5113
Ms Rydzik Teacher msrydzik@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6147
Ms Sarver Teacher mssarver@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5204
Ms Sauer Teaching Assistant mssauer@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5203
Mr Scanio Bus Driver mrscanio@gcslearn.org
Mr Schindler Teacher mrschindler@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5107
Ms Schlegel Food Servie Helper msschlegel@gcslearn.org
Ms Schon Teacher msschon@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4190
Ms Schott Tutor msschott@gcslearn.org
Mr Schwarzott Teacher mrschwarzott@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5132
Ms Seneca-Gallo Monitor msseneca-gallo@gcslearn.org
Ms Setter Teacher mssetter@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4131
Mr Shannon Counselor mrshannon@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6016
Ms Shaw Food Service Helper msshaw@gcslearn.org
Ms Shea Monitor msshea@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6214
Mr Shields SRO mrshields@gcslearn.org
Ms Shields Teacher msshields@gcslearn.org
Ms Sikora-Press LPP mssikora-press@gcslearn.org
Ms Silleman Teacher mssilleman@gcslearn.org
Ms Smeltz Teacher mssmeltz@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4177
MrD Smith Asst Principal, Dean of Students mrdsmith@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5001
MsC Smith Cleaner mscsmith@gcslearn.org
MrR Smith Supt. Buildings & Grounds mrrsmith@gcslearn.org
MsR Smith Teacher msrsmith@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6143
MrT Smith Teacher mrtsmith@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6241
MsH Smith Teacher mshsmith@gcslearn.org
MsN Smith Tax Collector msnsmith@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325
Ms Sopko Teacher mssopko@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4161
Ms Sperling Teaching Assistant mssperling@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5142
Mr Spiegel Teacher mrspiegel@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6117
MsJ Sprague Food Service Helper msjsprague@gcslearn.org
MsM Sprague Monitor msmsprague@gcslearn.org
Ms Sprawka Teaching Assistant mssprawka@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4133
Ms Stang Teacher msstang@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4190
Ms Stanley Social Worker msstanley@gcslearn.org
Ms Stearns Teacher msstearns@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4143
Ms Steklasa Teacher mssteklasa@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4159
Ms Steuernagel Teacher mssteuernagel@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4133
Ms Stewart Tutor msstewart@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4101
Ms Stone Teacher msstone@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5207
Ms Strawbrich Teacher msstrawbrich@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4142
Mr Strickfaden Mechanic mrstrickfaden@gcslearn.org
Ms Styles Teacher msstyles@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6200
Ms Sutherland BOE Member mssutherland@gcslearn.org
Ms Sutton-Reese Teacher mssutton-reese@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4166
MrJacob Swanson Teacher mrjacobswanson@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6132
MrJ Swanson Teacher mrjswanson@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6216
Ms Sweda Teaching Assistant mssweda@gcslearn.org
Ms Szalay BOE Member msszalay@gcslearn.org
Mr Tadt Groundskeeper mrtadt@gcslearn.org
Matthew Taylor Information Technology Specialist mrtaylor@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6023
Ms Thropp Nurse msthropp@gcslearn.org
MsE Tonello Teaching Assistant msetonello@gcslearn.org
MsR Tonello Teaching Assistant msrtonello@gcslearn.org
MsT Tonello Teacher msttonello@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4134
Ms Trippy Teacher mstrippy@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4164
Ms Troutman Director of Curriculum and Assessment mstroutman@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5127
Mr Updegrave Cleaner mrupdegrave@gcslearn.org
Mr Valone Maintenance Mechanic mrvalone@gcslearn.org
Ms Valone Teaching Assistant msvalone@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325
Ms VanDusen Cleaner msvandusen@gcslearn.org
Ms Ventresca Teacher msventresca@gcslearn.org
Mr Wahl Teacher mrwahl@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5122
Mr Warrior Bus Driver mrwarrior@gcslearn.org
Ms Watt Accountant mswatt@gcslearn.org
Ms Watz Cleaner mswatz@gcslearn.org
Mr Weber Teacher mrweber@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6233
Ms Weinaug Monitor msweinaug@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6207
Ms Weinheimer Teaching Assistant msweinheimer@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4128
Ms Weston BOE Member msweston@gcslearn.org
Ms Weyand Personal Aide msweyand@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5209
Mr Wheeler Teacher mrwheeler@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x6236
MsE Williams Teacher msewilliams@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x5120
Ms Williams Keyboard Specialist mswilliams@gcslearn.org
Mr Wing Bus Driver mrwing@gcslearn.org
Ms Wolbert Teacher mswolbert@gcslearn.org
Mr Woods Teacher mrwoods@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4155
Ms Woodward Director of Finance & Support Services mswoodward@gcslearn.org
Mr York BOE Member mryork@gcslearn.org
MsJ Young Teaching Assistant msjyoung@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4132
MsC Young Home School Coordinator mscyoung@gcslearn.org 716-532-3325 x4101
Ms Zimbardi Keyboard Specialist mszimbardi@gcslearn.org