Seneca Nation of Indians
Department of Education
Cattaraugus Territory
12861 Route 438
Irving, NY 14081
(716) 532-3341

Where Learning is Tradition

Mission Statement of the Seneca Nation Education Department

The Seneca Nation of Indian’s Department of Education philosophy is that education is a life-long, empowering learning process which begins with the individual, and is multi-cultural, multi-generational, and respectful of physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual wellness. The department recognizes that each individual is at a different place in life’s journey and we will work with them to move them forward toward their goals.

What is AASP/JOM? Who is eligible?

The Johnson-O’Malley Act of 1934 is one of the principle vehicles for subsidizing education by the federal government for Native American children age 3 through grade 12. The AASP/JOM program allows us to provide our eligible students with optimal educational opportunities, practical knowledge, and skills that emphasize the cultural balance needed to provide students a better tomorrow. The AASP/JOM staff develop supplementary education plans to address the unique needs of the Haudenosaunee people. All Native American children are eligible to receive AASP/JOM services.

The AASP/JOM program is offered to the school through the services of the Seneca Nation Department of Education – Cattaraugus Territory.

The AASP/JOM teachers for our district are:

Building Teacher Email Phone
Elementary School Faith Stewart 532-3325 x4142
Elementary School Judy Driscoll (Teaching Assistant) 532-3325 x4142
Middle School Tristin Hageman 532-3325 x5121
Middle School Anne Foit (Teaching Assistant) 532-3325 x5121
High School Melanie Schott 532-3325 x6213

Any questions regarding AASP/JOM, after school tutoring, or any events sponsored by the Seneca Nation Education Department can be directed to:

Trudy Jackson

Seneca Nation Education Director